Monday, December 11, 2006

DEIR Release this Wednesday!

One of our esteemed and connected members learned from Caltrans today that the DEIR on the proposed expansion of Highway 50 in Sacramento County will be released this WEDNESDAY, December 13.  After it is released, the public will have 60 days to review and comment on it. Caltrans will also conduct two 'workshops' to hear public commentary on the DEIR.

(DEIR stands for Draft Environmental Impact Report-- a document prepared by state agencies to review the potential environmental impacts of their actions and to propose mitigation of those impacts.)

This is our best opportunity to air our concerns about the environmental impact of the proposed project at both the regional and neighborhood levels. If you or your organization is worried about the prospect of increased traffic through central Sacramento and development of a regional transportation grid that encourages sprawl and automobile dependence, PLEASE take time to submit comments on the DEIR. Environmental analyses can be challenged in court, but only to the extent that the issues are raised during the public comment period following release of the DEIR. 

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